Fructalyn® products, Vim® and Fre®, can be used to improve nutrition and overall health. New products include Dark Chocolate Truffles at a special price during January only. Shipping special 1-8 truffles $5.95 Priority Mail.

Natural Low Calorie Sweeteners  What is the difference - Fre® versus VIM®? 

Fructalyn® products contain fructan fibers combined with natural low calorie sweeteners, xylitol and erythritol. These natural sugar alcohols are found in fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, grapes, cauliflower, etc.  Xylitol, found in Vim®, is a natural prebiotic which supports healthy gut flora, similar to the fructan fibers. Erythritol, a lighter sweetener, has an even lower glycemic index and is found in Fre®. Vim® and Fre® combines well with fruit desserts, giving a sweet, sustainable energy that is also pleasurable.

Jerusalem artichoke small

Fructalyn® Prebiotic Fructan Fibers

Fructalyn® products contain Fructan fibers, also commonly known as Inulin, which is a natural fiber from plant sources including Chicory root and Jerusalem Artichoke (see picture to the left). Life Energy Foods LLC has patented the process of isolating these fibers and combining them with natural sweeteners into easy-to-use soluble granules. Fructan fibers are a natural prebiotic, or food for the healthy bacteria, which supports gut health and digestion in a safe and natural way.